INTEP keeps all stakeholders in the loop and connected with each other. It helps all the people in the loop to learn from their counterparts.

Students always feel confident because of a virtual help network which always helps them to learn whenever they feel fixed.

Students are connected with the industry in a meaningful way. Here, students instead of looking for certificates from the industry, join INTEP for learning.

The Model at INTEP tries to bridge the gap between theory and practical in true sense. Students learn practical things with the support of their internal mentors.

Students voluntarily come forward to join more and more internship for the purpose of learning practical things in their area of expertise.

Students get a serious platform where they can find an option for both Internship and Placement.

Students get involved seriously as they know that it can help them to get the pre-placement offer.

Mentorship Description and need of the mentorship in everyone's life.