Students learn things by doing. The entire process at INTEP is focused on real learning, which is beyond books.

Students have a chance to learn and understand the application of the courses which they learn into the classroom.

Students feel confident when they do the real things themselves, instead of learning it theoretically from books.

Students have a chance to discuss with their Mentors, both Industry and the Institutions, about the problem they faced.

The students have a chance to undergo multiple Internships during their study.

The students have a chance to learn multiple skills during multiple internships they do during their course.

Apart from the students, the faculty also has a great chance to learn. They need to supervise and guide the students in doing the internship in the most practical way, which help faculty to learn.

Students have a great chance for placement as they get a lot of experience during the internship throughout their course. It helps them to learn with hands-on experience and also improve the chance of better employment.

INTEP is a very serious process of doing Internship, so not only students get the advantage in their learning, but also it helps to rebuild the lost trust of Industry.

Mentorship Description and need of the mentorship in everyone's life.