Internship and Placement System


As per its mission to create reformative models to bring quality improvement in higher education, INTEP is also one of the Unique Model developed @ MENTit

INTEP is an innovative way of making the students skilled and employable who are pursuing professional education. This is a perfect solution for the unemployability of the young graduates and operates in an accountable and transparent environment. The Model not only helps in creating confidence for learning in the students but also keeps all the stakeholders into the loop. It application based method where students get hands-on experience simultaneously with the course of study they learn in the classroom.

Students under INTEP get involved in practical learning through working on real projects. These are supervised and appraised by both internal as well as external mentors. In addition to the mentors from the concerned institutions, MENTit also helps students to get connected with the Industry mentors from the related areas.

Normally project duration is between FOUR to SIX months which is well planned and structured. Students do the project under the supervision of Mentors which are both Internal and External. The entire project is being supervised and appraised continuously. Every single activity of the students is being notified to all stakeholders, who are the part of supervision and appraisal team.

Students are being guided on a continuous basis and are connected with the mentors 24*7.

There is no scope of plagiarism while doing the project. The students need to write everything manually without copying pasting.

The whole purpose of INTEP is not only to help students learn practical things but at the same time, it helps the faculty to enhance their spectrum of knowledge by mentoring the students in their area of expertise.

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